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The Rich Jerk Program Revealed

We thoroughly reviewed Rich Jerk with other leading make-money-online programs. After testing a strict criteria such as how much you can earn, how much you have to invest, how fast you can make it back, ease of usage, and customer satisfaction, we finally came to a conclusion. Rich Jerk scored fine as a good program. However, the official Expert Review Team's top and best #1 choice came to the following.

As a third-party reviewer and respected authority since 1997, people asked us what our top choice is in regards to achieving profits ... and we decided to pick the following after surveying customers and seeing our own results in comparison:

The Copy-N-Profit template system


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The Good: We were almost hesitant to recommend this because of the shockingly stellar results we were getting but people can literally copy-and-paste their program and start getting huge returns in a very, very short time. There's virtually zero margin for error because you literally duplicate their exact steps - great even if you are practically new to computers.

The Bad: It was really hard to find a flaw. It gives you exactly what they mention. The only thing we could find that is the fact that you have to take a small leap of faith to copy them - which is super easy in reality.

The Bottom Line: The CopyNProfit system honestly delivers extremely well and is endorsed by many authorities. Their customer support is unparalleled as well.


This program was created by a famed New York City producer and his team.

 Get CopyNProfit and copy their templates to the 'T' right now.

Remember that too many money-making-online programs out there are hard to use and easy to mess up on their instructions. This program is very different in that you can make your investment back 10 times over very fast just by copying them 100%. That's why we wholeheartedly recommend it.

- John Sollars, The Official Expert Review Team - 2009